Josh T. Key: Owner/President
Josh Key

Josh has worked in the logging industry for over 36 years. He developed an interest for logging as a teenager while working for his Uncle, who owned a logging company. Against all odds, Josh first purchased a single truck and trailer. He began to haul timber for Hentz Timber Company as an Owner/Operator. After two years as a self-employed contract hauler and with much prayer and much faith, over 25 years ago, together Josh and his wife Cindy formed a successful logging company which they both still own and operate today. To this day, Josh loves the ”thrill” logging has always brought him. Through the good years and the bad years for the timber industry, Josh has held on strong because of his Faith in the Lord, dedication to his family, dedication to his employees and his dedication to the timber industry in general. He has always said when times get tough “the Good Lord will see us through” and “y’all remember, the Lord has been good to us”. Josh has always ensured his employees that he would take care of them through the good and the bad times. His work ethic is evident through his everyday demeanor about life in general. He is constantly researching ways to provide his employees with the best equipment and the safest work environment possible.

Josh has worked in many facets of the logging industry, including, but not limited to, site clearing, site management, site preparation, grading, logging (felling, skidding and loading tree length timber), and chipping non-merchantable tree length timber for biomass wood chips. He is experienced in many different types of terrain including, swamps, hills, rough terrain and even level ground. Josh is also knowledgeable of the different species of wood that can be on any given tract including, but not limited to Chip-N-Saw, Pulp Wood, Hardwood, Saw Timber, etc. He has an excellent eye for cruising timber and being able to identify the many different species of trees that grow in our area, knowing their value, and providing landowners the best price for their timbCindy Keyer. Josh and Cindy Key have been married since May, 1989. Cindy is the love of his life! Together they have four children, two daughters Alison and Shelley, two sons Tony and Jason, and ten grandchildren. Josh prides himself in being able to provide for Cindy, for their 4 children and for their 10 grandchildren by means of his family operated business – whom 3 of his children continue to work for today.

When Josh is not working in the woods, he enjoys spending time with his family and farming. He says when he farming, that is his time to “just think”. After his Father, Wade H. Key passed away in December 2006, Josh continued his daddy’s legacy of being a farmer. He continues farming for his mother, Pet Key, as well as for the true passion he has for it. Josh tends the farm land his daddy farmed for many years. He says he feels as though his daddy is with him riding on the tractor, plowing and combining the fields. Josh says that farming, for him is just a “peaceful hobby” and “just another way to feel close to his daddy”.


Shelley K. Bowman: Business Office Manager

Shelley has been with the company since 1998. She is extremely dedicated to her job and family, taking great pride in making certain that the business aspect of the company runs smoothly and efficiently – for all purposes. She does this by working side by side her father, Josh T. Key. Together they ensure all customers and contracts, existing and future, are the highest priority to Beech Island Timber & Construction, Inc.

Shelley earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Kaplan University in 2006.
Shelley has been married to her husband Steve Bowman since August, 1999. They have four children Keeley, Bentley, Haeley, and Ryley. Shelley is Josh’s youngest daughter. When Shelley is not at work, she spends her time working tirelessly on her children’s recreational and educational goals. She serves on the Jackson Ball Park, Inc. board of directors as Secretary.

Alison K. Lowe: Safety/Personnel Manager
Alison Lowe
Alison has been with the company since 2011. She takes pride in ensuring that all Beech Island Timber & Construction Safety Rules and Practices are in place and adhered according to SCDOT, OSHA, and FMSCA. Alison also ensures that all DOT & NON-DOT Drug free workplace Job requirements are met.
Along with working for Beech Island Timber & Construction, Inc., Alison also owns a photography business, Lowe Photography. She takes fantastic pictures for many satisfied individuals! We would like to thank Alison for a job well done on the photos that were gracefully captured for use on this website.
Alison has been married to Jonathan Lowe since September, 1998. They have 4 children, Carsyn, Cameron, Caedyn, and Cullen. When Alison is not at work she enjoys doting on her children and taking care of her many pets and farm animals.


John T. Key: Foreman
John Key
John is Josh’s twin brother. John has been working with Josh since the company was founded in 1985. He is an integral part of Beech Island Timber & Construction, Inc. and as foreman; he ensures that the job runs as smoothly as possible. In his role as foreman, he guarantees that all work is completed in a safe and timely manner. Josh has always said that John is his “right hand” and that he always knows exactly what to do to keep the job running. John has been married to his wife Jean since July 1983. They have three children, Lace, Brandy, and Jesse. John’s youngest son, Jesse is also employed with Beech Island Timber. He has worked side by side his daddydy and Uncle Josh since he was just a little boy. Jesse graduated high school just a couple years ago and knew he wanted to work for his family’s company. When John is not working, he enjoys cooking and barbequing for family and friends.

Jason Reynolds: Foreman
Jason Reynolds

Jason has been with Beech Island Timber since 2006, and is the youngest son of the family. He has showed interest in this business since he was a young child. Jason spent a lot of time with his father, Josh T. Key on the weekends, as well as during the summer – when school was out. The skills Jason desired to learn all those years ago, has immensely helped his chosen career path! Jason has proven himself to be a caring and dedicated employee and is a major asset to our team here at Beech Island Timber. He currently operates one of our John Deere Skidder’s and is also highly skilled on other pieces of heavy equipment operated on the job.

Jason has been married to his wife Jessica since June 2010. He enjoys spending time with their son Austin and daughter, Emma Kate!  When he’s not working, Jason enjoys golfing & fishing with his family.

Jonathan Lowe: Foreman
Jonathan Lowe

Jonathan has been with Beech Island Timber since 1997. He is a skillful equipment operator. His versatility within this business is a much needed asset! He takes great pride in running a smooth, safe, and efficient operation. He currently operates the 2590 Bandit Chipper, as well as the 2012 Tigercat Loader. Jonathan can maintenance every piece of equipment on the job.

Jonathan has been married to Alison (Josh and Cindy’s oldest daughter) since September 1998.

When he’s not working, Jonathan enjoys coaching his daughters’ softball teams; he also plays on the softball team for his church, Heights.